These luxuriously creamy decorative bars of soap are made from only 5 ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil and fresh goat milk.  The goat milk is extra moisturizing and great for skin problems like eczema and rashes.  They're scented with essential oils, which are gentler on sensitive skin and have other benefits as well.  

This soap is mild enough that it may be used on the face.  It's so creamy, it's great for shaving, too!


Each bar weighs about 2.5 oz and measures just under 3" round.  It has the raised words "goat milk" on it with scallops along the edge.


Ingredients: olive oil, fresh raw goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), essential oil.  Some soaps contain dried herbs and/or natural mica as a colorant.


*We milk our own Nigerian Dwarf goats by hand and the whole family gets involved in the process.  Their fresh raw milk is used in Simply Daisy products.