• made with organic, unrefined ingredients
• gentle for baby
• unscented
• made with our own fresh goat’s milk

Do you need a gift for a new baby and want something unique? Our gentle, natural goat milk gift sets are handmade in the USA and made with the gentlest, purest of ingredients. Mama & new baby will both love it!

My boys both had eczema as a baby, so I started making goat milk soaps & lotions to help their skin out. The foaming soap was the best thing ever for cleaning their short hair and bodies! We still use the lotion today to calm flares and keep their skin healthy.

Handmade with organic, unrefined ingredients, our skin-friendly gift sets will be shipped within 24 business hours.

Give handmade for the best gift at the party!

Set includes:

- one 6 oz. jar of gentle lotion
- one 8 oz. foaming pump soap
- one 9” square, extra soft 4 layer organic muslin washcloth

***all products are gentle on all skin types, especially for baby.