• made with organic, unrefined ingredients
• heals, soothes & softens
• helps eczema, psoriasis, dry and sun damaged skin
• scented with essential oil
• made with our own fresh goat’s milk

Are you tired of your soaps & lotions drying your hands out or maybe just need a quick, local gift shipped fast? Our gentle, natural goat milk gift sets will surprise you as they actually can heal & rejuvenate your skin.

Handmade with organic ingredients in the USA, our skin-friendly gift sets will be shipped within 24 business hours.

Find relief already & order today!

Set comes tied with a bow, as shown, and includes:

- four, 4+ oz. bars of soap - one of each scent: dandy (vanilla+clove+dandelion oil), charcoal, lavender+peppermint, the hunter (patchouli+cedarwood)
- one 3.5" x 6" wooden cypress soap tray to preserve your bars of soap

***all products are gentle on all skin types