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Harvest Moon Milk Bath Salts
Harvest Moon Milk Bath Salts
Harvest Moon Milk Bath Salts
Harvest Moon Milk Bath Salts

Harvest Moon Milk Bath Salts

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These cute Harvest Moon milk bath salts are a fun way to add relaxing, skin-softening qualities to your bath.

Made entirely of natural ingredients without the fillers and harsh stuff, our salts are simply made with a few really good ingredients. 

Those FIVE ingredients are: dead sea salt, activated charcoal, powdered goat milk, pumpkin seed oil, and essential oils.

Dead Sea salt is great for softening the skin and the goat milk is gentle and soothing on skin that needs a little extra TLC.  The activated charcoal helps draw out the stress and grime from a long, hard day, making these the perfect Fall bath salts, especially if you don't like pumpkin spice.  They are scented with refreshing ginger, orange and a bit of cinnamon.


When my kids' eczema was really bad and I started studying remedies I found fragrances and colorants we're a major culprit for flare-ups.  For this reason, our products are naturally colored with salt and/or clay and naturally scented with essential oils.


Each jar holds 3 oz of milk salts.  I recommend a tablespoon or two per bath.  Each jar is good for 2-4 baths.

***The activated charcoal MAY turn your tub or skin a little black.  Just use a good bar of soap to gently scrub your skin and it will come off (we have several recommendations in-shop for that :).  Soap directly on the tub will likewise remove it from your tub.