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Top 2 recommendations for better skin

Over a decade ago I was a new mom with two young boys who struggled with eczema.  It was heart-wrenching, frustrating, and so difficult to deal with.  None of the moisturizers helped and I wasn't really comfortable with the steroids prescribed for flare-ups.  I finally did some research and learned SO MUCH about natural ways to improve their skin.

My efforts worked so well, it started me on a mission to help other families, too.

My TOP 2 things to do to help your skin are:

1.  Eliminate the irritants in your home.  Skin problems can be inherited, but often it's a result of the things in your environment that your (inherited) body doesn't like.  These irritants are found in laundry detergents, soaps, shampoos and basically everything we put on our skin.

2.  Moisturize a couple times daily with products that don't contain those irritants.

Most websites say to try this or that product, but I firmly believe it's the ingredients in many of the products out there that are causing our skin to be dull, itchy, red, and irritated. 

If you're up for trying to eliminate them for better skin, check your labels and start small by avoiding fragrances and colorants/dyes.  Then as you get more comfortable, try to avoid these nasties, too:



Most laundry detergents contain these chemicals that can irritate the skin.  My son with the worst eczema flares up if we forget to wash his brand new clothes before he wears them.  I don't know what they put on them, but his skin does not like it! 

Since this affects what we wear on our skin all day long, it's a pretty important one to switch out.  Using something that says "free and clear" and "unscented" really helps, but I prefer making my own.  Maybe that is something you'd like a recipe to on a future post?  I'd be happy to share!


2. SOAPS -

Soap is a fairly simple thing to make, so this one always stumps me - why do they add these things to soap?!?  Basically you just need oils, water and lye to make a perfect bar, but soap companies have worked out the best way to make money - and they do that by extracting the good stuff (naturally-produced glycerin that they resell) and adding in these irritants to improve lather & moisturizing capabilities that were lost by the earlier extraction.  The result:  ingredients that can really irritate & dull the skin.



Again, these irritants are added to save costs and cut corners, but they are proving to be harmful to our skin. 


When looking at labels, start small.  Just switch out your shampoo the next time you need some.  Then when you run out of soap try looking at the ingredients  and get something with ingredients you recognize.

My general rule of thumb is if it has more than a few ingredients I want to know exactly what they are.  Usually if they have a long, scientific-sounding name they are harmful.  After doing this for so many years, I've noticed "butene" in hair products (a form of butane - a fuel!) and petrolatum (form of petoleum - another fuel) in lotions and creams.  I don't want those anywhere near my body!

If you have any questions or need some help, Google is awesome.  But I'm here for you, too.  I have been using natural products for years and can attest to the difference they make!

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