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Goat Milk Benefits

Goat Milk.

It's a unique ingredient for skincare, but it packs a punch!  I imagine you've heard that babies who can't drink their mother's milk are often recommended goat milk because it's so similar to their mother's milk. 

But did you know that goat milk has a similar pH to healthy human skin, making it perfect for restoring dry, irritated skin to its healthy form?  Isn't that awesome?! 

Let me share a few of the good things goat milk has in it that our skin loves:


1. LACTIC ACID.  Lactic acid is an organic acid found in goat’s milk. It is also called ALPHA HYDROXY ACID. It has unique hydrating and exfoliating properties that not only make it a magnet for hydration, but make it useful in treating skin that’s been sun damaged.

Lactic acid can give a smoother, brighter, more hydrated complexion.

Talk about a skin powerhouse ingredient!

These good-for-your-skin acids found in goat milk soothe irritated, painful skin by removing dead skin cells.


2. SELENIUM.  It's an anti-aging antioxidant that helps fight the aging process.


3. VITAMIN A.  This vitamin is beneficial for healthy skin cell production. Whether its sun damaged or sensitive from eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin, Vitamin A gets in there and helps the skin regenerate new, healthy cells for clear, bright skin again.


4. VITAMINS B,C, E.  All are amazing for skin health, brightening and revitalizing the skin.


5. NO IRRITANTS.  This isn't exactly an ingredient, but more what goat milk DOESN'T have: irritants.  It's generally safe for everyone, even babies, because it's so gentle on the skin (and stomach).


While there are few people here in the US who have the guts to drink goat milk (me included!), goat milk skincare has a creamy smell without added scents.  It's well worth a try if you or someone you love has any issues with their skin. 

Besides the addition of goat milk, look for products with ingredients from nature - avoid synthetic fragrances and dyes.  These two tips will help you get on the road to skin recovery -- or if you have healthy skin already, they can help brighten it up.

I love to make natural products and help people improve their skin.  If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer!  Just comment below.

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