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All About Simply Daisy Skincare

Hello, Hello!  I'm Jennie, here to tell you a bit about Simply Daisy products and why we make what we do.

In a world with everything at our fingertips it's easy to get sensory overload.  Do I need to shop vegan?  Earth-friendly?  Non toxic?  Soy?!?!  There are so many options, it's hard to choose, right?  Some people go with products they can stand behind for various reasons and some go for those that are the cheapest and most convenient.

Here at Simply Daisy we're all about what's the best for your skin.  That's it.  And that's what backs our decisions when it comes to the ingredients we purchase, the containers we use, and the types of products we make.

Years ago, after experiencing some major eczema on my kids I started looking for the best products for their skin.  I tried some that advertised "shea butter", "all natural", and "eczema relief", but I wasn't happy with how they helped or what was in them.  When I read "butene" on the labels I thought of the butane curling irons girls brought to girls camp as a kid.  I didn't want fuel on my kids!  Forms of alcohol are in a lot of stuff, yet it's extremely drying to the skin, too.  I had to get smarter about the products I purchased for my family.

In my research I found goat milk to be extremely good, and even healing, for the skin.   So most of our products contain goat milk.

I also discovered that fragrances and dyes can irritate the skin.  Now everything we make is colored naturally with clays and roots and such found in nature.  We use the best essential oils we can find to scent our products.  Even the oils and butters we use are the purest, most unrefined, organic versions we can find on the market so they can penetrate deep into your skin to keep it hydrated and bright.

When it comes to packaging, I stick to kraft or glass jars where possible.  That way toxins can't leach into our products and cause harm to our skin.  It just happens that those are also recyclable and better on the world around us, yay!

If you're looking for something good for your body and skin, you've come to the right place.  Click on the shop button and take a look at our wide variety of natural, nontoxic skincare that can do wonders on your skin!




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